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Tuk Origen is a 53 apartments hotel and condo that knows no time; its modern exterior flows like ocean currents to celebrate the ancient rhythm of life in Tulum. The first inhabitants of Quintana Roo, dating back to the Ice Age 10,000 years ago, are the inspiration for the design of Tuk Origen. The preceramic groups lived in complete harmony with nature, regenerating the world around them. During cold nights, the tribe gathered around the fire and sang to remember their past.


In the heart of the Quintana Roo jungle, surrounded by exotic birds and with all the comforts of a small city, you will find Kukún: a modern and organic boutique residence with 90 apartments. Each apartment is a cocoon that reconnects us with our own essence and with nature. The word, Kukún, comes from Cocoon, a protected place where the caterpillar develops until it becomes a butterfly. We wanted to do the same, build a chrysalis for the soul, create a refuge for people who enjoy the soft cadence of the sea and the honest murmur of the jungle in a sophisticated and casual atmosphere.


The most influential real estate project in Tulum is called Blanc: A development that transmits purity and connects us with our essence. Blanc's design encourages reflection and creativity in a minimalist and pristine setting. Blanc's 60 units are a canvas ready to be intervened by the beautiful nuances of colors that the natural environment creates. Unforgettable sunsets, wild greens, and an imposing moon enliven the atmosphere of Blanc, a place to be ourselves.


Central park is the most central and versatile real estate project in Playa del Carmen with only 44 units. A development designed for urbanites who enjoy their city to the fullest. Central Park is the residence of unforgettable people; the home for connoisseurs who enjoy good wine, the best parties, and good food. Central Park's design blends style and functionality, sophisticated finishes, open spaces and refreshing windows create the ideal environment. Comfort, elegance, good taste and careful attention to detail make Central Park a unique investment option in Playa del Carmen.


Ich K'ab is a complex designed with love by a team that after decades of living in Tulum decided to make their dreams come true. They designed an Eden, only 35 apartments for families and couples where the jungle dialogues with comfort to awaken the five senses. The classic aesthetic that combines spacious interior spaces with the flora and fauna of the region, the elegant finishes, the cozy amenities and the refreshing common areas define the rhythm of life at Ich K'ab.

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All tourism and booking platforms recognize the Riviera Maya as one of the most visited destinations worldwide.


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We are a club of investors with vision for the future and environmental responsibility. We want to expand our network of alliances and provide you with the best business opportunities in the Riviera Maya and other paradisiacal destinations.

Inmobilia is the leading development company in southern Mexico. Specialized in premium real estate, they create planned communities that are integrated into the environment offering luxury, high quality, and sustainable options. Their projects are known worldwide for offering the best rates of return on investment.

R4 is a corporation with more than 30 years of experience in real estate development. The purpose of this group is to promote the economic growth of its collaborators through projects that have a positive impact on new communities.

MGallery is a chain of boutique hotels, each unique with its original design and unique stories to tell. Luxury, comfort, and good taste are combined with local stories to create special atmospheres and unforgettable memories. Choosing MGallery is choosing to live and experience Memorable Moments. Mayaliah is its first hotel in Mexico and GMB is pleased to market such a special project.

The most prominent project in southern Mexico is currently the Tulum Country Club designed by Grupo Piñero. Exquisite design in which straight, simple, modern, and contemporary lines prevail. In addition, noble woods and top quality finishes. Tulum Country Club is a unique project where we can find works by the most renowned Mexican architects, such as Cabrera, Quijano Muñoz or Zoreda, which positions the project as one of the Meccas of Mexican architecture in the Riviera Maya.

Tulum 101 takes luxury and distills it into a soulful and authentic expression of life. A place for those with the desire to live both in and out of this world. Firmly rooted in values ​​such as the utmost respect for the land and the planet, Tulum 101 seeks to integrate with nature. Its inhabitants are aware and will be able to enjoy a curated selection of brands that mix traditional craft techniques with raw and refined designs.

With more than ten years of experience creating innovative and first-class projects, GW Group is a benchmark in Mérida, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. The quality of its services reflects in each of developments are part of its extensive portfolio- innovative and visionary projects in the Mexican Caribbean. From residential lots to apartments and hotels, all his works reflect the high quality standards and attention to detail that is unique in the region.

Accor is the story of two friends, Paul Dubrule and Gérard Pélisson, who opened their first residential hotel in 1967, at a time when no one in France yet believed in this new hotel business model. Through their creativity and daring, they further pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Today, his dream of hospitality has become Accor, a group that brings together more than 5,300 addresses in 110 countries and more than 230,000 talented people who continue to invent the hospitality of tomorrow and bring their passion for the guest to life.

The Employer Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX) is a voluntary membership employer group that brings together business men from all sectors. Currently Coparmex is made up of a network of 68 Business Centers, 14 Federations, 3 Representations and 14 Delegations in all the states of the Republic. In addition, 19 national Work Commissions dedicate to the study and generation of proposals on critcal issues of the economy and society. Marc Pujol, CEO of GMB, is the first non-Mexican regional president of COPARMEX.

Despacho inmobiliario ambiental y despacho jurídico enfocado al desarrollo inmobiliario en la Riviera Maya con 15 años de experiencia en la rama atendiendo a más de 40 desarrollos residenciales turísticos.


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