The Shore at 46th home automation

The Shore at 46th home automation

Domotic technology – We live in a world where technology is part of our day to day, facilitating our routine activities.

As technology advances, we do it together with it, and today it is very easy to carry out any task with the support of a technological tool. Although, this technology is applied in any field, we will talk about its implementation in the home.

Known as domotic, is the application of various techniques with the purpose of automating the home, achieving synchronization with essential aspects of it such as security systems, telephony, television, electricity, among others.

Domotic technology goes hand in hand with social changes and trends, with the need to be functional while providing economic savings, giving way to personalized and more comfortable homes.

Easy to use and easy to install, these intuitive models, in addition to the energy savings that mean to intelligently manage the home, provide greater security by preventing various failures in the systems, on the other hand they promote accessibility by facilitating access for people with disabilities.

At GMB we are always at the forefront, and our development The Shore at 46th are the only apartments in Playa del Carmen that implement domotic technology. Downloading a simple application you can manage from your tablet or mobile device various aspects of your home such as the intensity of lights, blinds and music, adjusting each one to your tastes and needs just a few steps from the best beaches.

Ask about our apartments for sale and presale, ensuring your investment in the Riviera Maya.

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Kenya Bates

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