The best 5 restaurants in Playa del Carmen

The best 5 restaurants in Playa del Carmen

For the gastronomic lovers in this occasion we bring you our top 5 best restaurants in Playa del Carmen. A culinary tour that you can not miss if you are in the area.

It Guilty by Oh Lala

The most exclusive international restaurant has arrived in Playa del Carmen, a renewed concept that fuses Hindu cuisine giving it a Caribbean touch. From cuts of meat to delicious seafood, they seek to make their guests fall in love with each dish, creating a unique experience. It stands out for its personalized service and high quality standards, its exclusivity is reflected in the obligatory prior reservation. And in the words of its creators It Guilty is the evolution of previous projects with the difference of having given life to this different concept among friends.

  • Location: Av 1º with 44 Nt
  • Opening hours: 10-03 hrs
  • Telephone: 01 984 803 3695

Oh Lala by George

Inspired by Chef George’s travels, it is the perfect combination of cultures, based on the French gastronomy fused with a Mediterranean style; that altogether with Mikaela Romero is complemented with hospitality experience. The passion for the culinary art of both creates a welcoming atmosphere with a select menu and great variety of dishes, with fresh products of the best quality, and of course with the best service that has positioned them as one of the best restaurants in the area.

  •  Location: Street 14 nt Bis 147, Colonia Centro
  • Opening hours: 18:30-22:30 hrs
  • Telephone: 044 984 127 4844
  • Reserves:

Yum Yum by George

A contemporary concept that fuses a touch of Thai and Vietnamese food inviting you to enjoy a pleasant time in the company of friends. The dishes are made in an artisan way taking care of every detail. If you are looking for good music with excellent dishes accompanied by unique cocktails you have found your place.

  • Location: 10th Av between streets 4 and 6
  • Opening hours: 09-23 hrs
  • Telephone: 01 984 105 5462

Frida Kahlo

Imagine creating an art work on your dish while catrinas surround your table. The Mexican cuisine stands out for its exuberant combination of flavors, and in this peculiar restaurant art is present in every corner of the place, but mainly in its dishes. Presenting flavors that will awaken your senses transporting the essence of Frida Kahlo to your table. With an excellent service, it presents an unparalleled experience that will make you want to return to this wonderful space full of magic.

  • Location: 5th Av with 8th street
  • Opening hours: 08:30-01 hrs
  • Telephone: 01 984 803 2920


If you are looking for the best Spanish food you have arrived at the right place; their traditional dishes implement fresh products of the best quality in a cozy atmosphere with the best service. Its cuts of meat combined with vegetables, transports you anywhere in the famous Iberian Peninsula.

  • Location: Calle 26 between Avenues 10th y 15th
  • Opening hours: 15-23 hrs
  • Telephone: 01 984 147 3956

And, do you know any other gastronomic gem in Playa del Carmen?


Kenya Bates

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