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If you like yoga and you are planning on a vacation or living in Playa you are in luck. We have a great variety of Yoga and pilates in Playa Del Carmen and some people decide to come here for yoga retreats and vacations. We have several master level yoga teachers who offer special 100 and 200 hour teacher training courses. The most popular, and perhaps the best, yoga studio in playa is The Yoga LoftThis is my personal favorite and seems to be the “yoga teachers favorite” as well since I have noticed that yoga teachers from all over Playa attend classes here.  The studios atmosphere, vibe and great location in central playa makes the Yoga Loft the clear winner for best all around yoga in Playa Del Carmen.

Yoga By the Sea is another popular studio here in Playa. They have changed locations several times over the years but Arielle, the owner and primary teacher has maintained consistent excellence in her practice. She is well known in playa and they currently are located at the Palapa Suuk studio on CTM Ave. near the new  Shore Condos by GMB. This studio has an incredible, peaceful, spiritual vibe and many teachers practice here.

Another option for yoga and wellness on the beach is INTI Beach. The studio location is a quiet oasis on the playa beachfront that more and more yoga enthusiasts are discovering. The teachers are top notch and INTI is a complete wellness center.

Tulum was recently named “The world capital of yoga” and for good reason. Many people from all over the world love to visit Tulum for yoga and wellness retreats on and off the beach and the area has been considered for a long time to be a top destination for yoga, relaxation, holistic wellness, meditation, spirituality and disconnecting from the stress of the world. If you are living or vacationing in Tulum you will be very pleased with the variety of teachers and masters that practice in Tulum throughout the year.

You will find every style of yoga in the Riviera Maya. Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative Yoga, Kundalini, Meditation and much more. Tulum Yoga or Playa Yoga? It really doesn’t matter you will find a class and teacher for everyone and if you make Playa or Tulum your home you are certain to feel more relaxed and join thousands of other happy homeowners who have made the Mayan Riviera their first or second home.

Picture courtesy by Be Social Education Playa del Carmen


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