Playa Del Carmen Movie Theaters

Playa Del Carmen Movie Theaters are nothing short of spectacular. We currently have two different cinemas in Playa, Cinepolis (my personal favorite) located at the Plaza Las Americas shopping center and Cinemex located at the Centro Maya shopping center. You can enjoy high quality large screen Cinemas in Playa Del Carmen that are comparable in quality to the United states. Both Cinemas have everything you might expect like great surround sound, comfortable seats and air conditioning. They even have 3D movie options and many movies available in English with Spanish subtitles. When you are browsing the movie times just look for SUB for English movies with subtitles if it does not specify the language. They have all the classic movie theater snacks and treats and even some extra ones because it’s Mexico. The popcorn or Palomitas is also delicious and inexpensive here with an option for caramel popcorn and my favorite, Enchilada, which is with a mild chili powder.

One of my favorite things to do in the United States was going out to the movies and it’s great for me that I still get to enjoy it living here in Playa, but what makes it even better is how inexpensive it is with tickets costing as little as $3. USD per person and popcorn and snacks only slightly more than that. The Movie Theaters in Playa Del Carmen are another one of those great low cost of living benefits we get to enjoy living here. The only downside is that you may have to wait to see some new release movies as they sometimes take a little longer to reach Mexico. For me this is a fair trade for how economical it is. You can stroll around and enjoy the mall and then take in a movie in air conditioned comfort with some fresh popcorn or your favorite snack. This is a rainy day favorite for locals like myself.

Another great event that comes to Playa Del Carmen every year is the Riviera Maya Film Festival. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the week long event of independent films that are shown in various locations around the city and beach in Playa. Many talented new filmmakers emerge at these events and you can experience creative, filmmaking at it’s best.

So as you can see the Playa Del Carmen lifestyle continues to expand with more and more things to do for smart homeowners who want to settle down in an affordable condo minutes from the beach. Why not you?




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