Playa Del Carmen Massage Therapy

Another great thing about visiting or living in Playa is the availability of great, low price massage therapy. This is just another one of the “low cost of living in Playa Del Carmen” benefits you can enjoy here that you will pay 2 or 3 times as much for in the United States. I used to go for massages in the United States and I can remember paying $60-100 USD so it was something I did not do to often because of the cost. But here I have had many good massages for as little as $20-40 USD.


I have friends that come down to visit and every day they get an hour long peaceful massage on the beach for $20. or $30 USD as they listen to the ocean waves and feel the warm tropical breeze. Now clearly these are not highly skilled massage therapists with credentials but for 20 bucks who cares?

So if you decide to get some of these low price massages that are mostly on the beach but can be found in other parts of town. One tip I have for you is bring your own massage oil because the oil they use is often times very low quality. I like using natural coconut oil because it is so good for the skin and the body inside and out.

If you prefer a massage from a very professional and trained expert you can find a massage like that at many of the hotels, resorts and upscale spas here in Playa but you can expect to pay regular USA  prices. After you live here for a while you will meet people and be able to find local massage therapists who are very skilled and talented and will give you a great, affordable price for their services. I know other expats who live down here who get a massage every week and have a personal trainer because of the affordability of these services here. So what are you waiting for relax and unwind with a Playa Del Carmen Massage while on vacation or living your life in Playa.




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