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Check out our Playa Del Carmen Gyms for staying fit all year round. If you have visited this city you would have noticed one thing for sure that Playa Del Carmen is a city full of fit people. A thing like winter weight does not exist here. Even the retired people take care of their health and hop on the fitness wagon to stay in good shape.

Gyms here are always busy with the young and old locals.  It is quite popular among the younger age demographic due to the international environment of Europeans, Argentinians and beautiful South Americans living here. In fact, fit and good looking people from all over the the planet love Playa because nobody cares if you don’t wear a shirt.

Plus there’s quite a scope of jobs in dance, entertainment and acrobatics that calls one to keep his body fit and in shape. Of course, now more and more retirees and smart people from everywhere are discovering Playa, making it home and going to the gym.

There are a number of local fitness centers and gyms in Playa Del Carmen to choose from if you happen to be a fitness conscious person. Here’s a list my top picks for gyms you can walk to downtown:

• Muscle Beach: Muscle beach happens to be the oldest workout facility in Playa Del Carmen although it has changed locations and now is located on 10th Ave. in the Colosio neighborhood. On a hot day stay away because it is not air-conditioned. Monthly dues are quite economical for this gym and for  group fitness you could choose from Boxing,  Aerobics, or Spinning.

• the gym: the gym is the most expensive and upscale gym located located in downtown Playa del Carmen. the gym offers you quite a variety of full gym services and  group fitness classes with an emphasis on yoga and mat pilates. Monthly dues are 1100 pesos and day passes are 300 pesos. the gym is a hotel gym also open to the public with a snack bar, locker rooms, personal training and much more. People looking for nice, new clean equipment and yoga go to this gym. 

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Evolve Fitness: it is the most popular gym in Playa Del Carmen, the hot spot work out facility having a ton of good equipment and machines. Due to its prime location, people sign up here in flocks. This Gym offers a myriad of fitness classes and complete gym services. You have high energy HIIT and Aerobic Classes, Reformer Pilates in Bed, kick boxing, spinning, TRX and  yoga classes. Monthly dues are only 900 pesos and Evolve is the biggest gym downtown offering its clients  towel service, sauna, juice and snack bar, protein shakes and a supplement store. Evolve is the favorite gym of trainers and has a hotbed of talent for inexpensive personal training. Its open all week so that you cannot use an excuse! It is the choice of tourists and expats living in the area too.

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When people are not sweating it out in the gyms, they are ready for a refreshing swim at the beach or in cenote swimming holes all year round. Swimming is a fun cardio-exercise in itself and luckily in downtown Playa you are only a few minutes to the beach and can make a splash in warm Caribbean waters whenever you want.



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