Playa Del Carmen Condos For Sale vs. Houses For Sale

The best value for buying a a retirement home or vacation home in Playa Del Carmen continues to be in the condominium sector. If you are looking for Playa Del Carmen condos for sale you will find no shortage in 2017 as many new developers are entering into the condo construction scene. Never before has there been such a great variety of newly built and pre construction condos and houses available for buyers to choose from. Take a good look and I think you will find the leading developer in quality and value continues to be GMB Real Estate. Experience takes time and GMB has it with more completed and under construction projects than anyone else in Playa Del Carmen and perhaps the whole of the Mayan Riviera.

Why Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya?

The white powdery sand beaches, world class dining, shopping on 5th Avenue, diving, ruins, attractions, big time nightlife, the incredible weather, snorkeling, massages and spas, low cost of living, fishing and boating, low cost healthcare. Did I mention the sunny, tropical weather?

 Playa Del Carmen Condos For Sale vs. Houses For Sale

So what’s the right choice for you? Well, in my opinion, it depends how you plan to use your home and how big your family is.

If you are moving to Playa or the Riviera Maya to live full time and you have a big family then for sure you might be interested in a house. The problem is that there’s not much available in the prized centro zone of Playa and the ones you will find are usually casitas on tiny lots. This is because anything with a larger lot is being torn down and developed into 3 or 4 story apartment buildings and hotels. This is the best option for investors because of the popularity of real estate in Playa Centro.

So where are the traditional houses with yards? You will find many beautiful houses for sale in Playa Del Carmen in developments outside the city a little further away, across and down the highway. I have a friend and also a client who purchased houses like this out of the city a little. One was in a high end development and the other was a residential area with economical townhomes. Both told me they later disliked being out of the city, needing a car and sitting in traffic for 30 or 40 minutes to get anywhere.

Today I met a couple from Kentucky interested in buying a retirement/second home here in Playa. Rob and Lori were here shopping around for real estate and checking out Playa. They liked the idea of being in a house with a yard but after riding bikes around Playa all day they could see the value of living in the city and not needing a car. not having to worry about parking, being close to the beach and 5th Ave. Close to the shopping, dining and nightlife. They couldn’t picture themselves living out of town and driving a car into town for everything. They told me they are now leaning towards purchasing a condo in the heart of Playa.

The other big consideration for many people who do not plan to live in Playa Del Carmen all year is the rentability of their Vacation or Retirement Home. The great thing about purchasing a condo in Playa’s centro zone is how easy it is to rent out your place to vacation renters weekly or monthly.

Advantages of Playa Del Carmen Condos For Sale

• Better Value for your money

• Return On Investment

• Low maintenance just lock and go

• Easy to rent with the right location

Take a good look around and you will see why so many other smart investors and homeowners are cutting out the other realtors commissions and buying condos direct from the developer .





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