Playa Del Carmen Condos For Sale 2017  

When you search on the internet for Playa Del Carmen condos for sale the search results are dominated by real estate agents and brokers paying for the top spot on the search engines. These are good agencies who will help you to find the perfect condo or villa you might be looking for in the Mayan Riviera to live or vacation in this Caribbean paradise. Another option to avoid paying extra commissions is to buy directly from the condo developers.

These are the best options for people who might need the help and guidance to understand the complicated Playa Del Carmen real estate market. There are different procedures for purchasing in Mexico but overall the process is not more difficult than the USA or Canada. For example, it is necessary for foreigners to set up a bank trust in order to purchase real estate within 50 km of the coast and border in Mexico.   There is a myth in the United States that purchasing real estate in Mexico may not be a safe investment.

More and more smart and happy investors and vacation home buyers from the USA and Canada, are proving that it is a safe and secure investment as foreign real estate investment continues to boom year over year, especially in the Mayan Riviera. As long as you are working with a reputable real estate broker or developer with a good track record working with foreign buyers you can feel safe buying a condo in Playa Del Carmen or anywhere in Mexico.

So why are so many people choosing Mexico for real estate investment? One reason why foreign real estate is booming in Mexico is the devaluation of the Mexican peso versus the US dollar. “For years, the Peso sat around 12 to 14 to the dollar. Beginning in 2015” the peso lost 45% of its value to the dollar. This presents an enormous opportunity to investors with US dollars choosing to invest in Mexico. When you combine that with low property taxes, low cost of living and modern infrastructure now available in the Mexican Caribbean it’s easy to see why so many people are investing in Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.   With so many people coming here, there is a lot of new construction of condos in Playa Del Carmen. Many people looking at condos are choosing to buy directly from the developers to save on the commissions the real estate agencies charge to be your buyers agent.

This is a smart move that can save thousands of dollars. The best choice is to deal with a developer with experience and a solid track record of successful developments. With 13 condo developments in Playa Del Carmen, 9 Tulum Condo and land projects and condos in Puerto Aventuras, GMB Real Estate Solutions is the leader and best choice to buy direct from the developer safely and save money while receiving the best value and highest quality standards of construction in Mexico. Contact Us today and talk to one of our English speaking representatives to find out more about the best opportunities in the Mayan Riviera.



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