Mexican Tourism Hits All Time High 2017

While a lot of people back in the United States are focused on domestic issues like Immigration Reform, Mexican Tourism continues to boom in the Mayan Riviera. In fact, there was an increase of 308,274 passengers to Cancun Airport in January for 2017 vs. 2016 according to The Playa Times

It is also very interesting to note that while international tourism to Mexico has increased across the board, The United States still continues to lead the pack with the most vacationers and expats living in Mexico year of year. The trend for tourism continues steadily upward with Mexico Tourist Arrivals reaching an all time high in December of 2016:


When you look at the numbers, you can see how Mexico and the Mayan Riviera in particular continues to be a clear winner for real estate investment and retiring with a great quality of life at a lower price than the United States and Canada. Playa Del Carmen, in particular, has become such an international city it really has a cosmopolitan and culturally accepting feel that I have never experienced anywhere else. Everyone seems to get a long and every day I meet people from places like Germany, Argentina, Russia, Canada, Israel and all over the world. People really do not know where you are from and really do not care. As more and more people discover the magic of the Riviera Maya the excitement will only continue.

Nobody seems to care much about world politics here in Playa Del Carmen where I live. A lot of people like to pass the day on the beach  after a late breakfast. The Caribbean breeze gets stronger this time of year making the hot sun feel a little cooler as you enjoy a drink and gaze out over the palm trees to see that beautiful turquoise water that everyone loves.




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