Low Cost Dental Care

Low cost dental in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen

Low cost dental care is readily available from Mexico’s beautiful Playa del Carmen vacation paradise.  Playa del Carmen dentists offer world class care, at a very reasonable cost, yet many foreigners are still unaware of the fact.   The Playa del Carmen dentists are a very good reason to visit the area.  Add to that the fact that it is one of the most gorgeous areas on the planet to visit, it’s almost a “no-brainer.”

You don’t have to make a special trip to Playa del Carmen for low cost dental care.  You can save a lot of money on your dental care simply by choosing to visit one of the many very professional and friendly Playa del Carmen dentists while you’re on your beach vacation in this beautiful spot.  Why spend more than you have to for your regular dental care? 

However, if you need more serious dental work, such as crowns, root canals or dental implants, as so many of us seem to eventually need, one of the many Playa del Carmen dentists can provide you care that often surpasses the quality of care you will get at home, while saving you a considerable amount of money.  In fact, getting your dental work done in Mexico could pay for your vacation.

Consider the following:

The average cost of a zirconia dental crown in the United States is around $1600, while you can get it done at one of the world class Playa del Carmen dentists for about $560

A root canal, post and crown at home will run you on average about $2200, while you might pay $750 for the same or higher quality work at one of the Playa del Carmen dentists.

What about dental implants and crowns?  They are what everyone wants to replace a tooth and provide a completely natural look and feel, yet just one is around $4000 in the US, while they are about half that in the Mexico.

Playa del Carmen dental clinics are state-of-the-art and very well equipped.  Furthermore, you can prescreen your visit for your low cost dental care, and easily save fifty percent or more.

You can relax and be sure that you are going to get care that will meet or exceed all the standards your are used to at home. Saving money on your dental work is just another great cost of living benefit benefit you get when choosing to live your life in the Riviera Maya.




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