Best Playa Del Carmen Condos 2017

I got a message from one of my clients in South Beach. She asked “Do you know where I can rent an apartment for 2 months. December and January?” She went on to tell me that she really wanted to be in the central part of Playa near Constituyentes Ave. to be close to  the gym for training and the beach. What we found was everywhere we looked and asked the price was around $4000. to $6000. USD monthly to rent something furnished and high quality in this area and for these months. She is still looking.

Affordable long term apartment rentals continue to be in very high demand in the central part of Playa Del Carmen where I live and many locals I know have chosen to move to more affordable areas like on the other side of the highway. Like so many other people, I really like living in the heart of Playa where you can be 10 minutes away from the beach, the best gyms, malls, shopping, 5th Ave., Restaurants, Nightlife and well basically everything Playa has to offer. Many people predict that the area of Constituyentes Ave. from the Mega Supermarket to 10th Ave. will likely develop into a very hot area similar to 5th Ave. with new restaurants and trendy shops opening because of the popularity of this central area. I agree with this theory and in particular really like the location, price point (starting at $128,000 USD) and Art theme of The Gallery Condos by GMB. The Gallery is one of several residential condo developments in this hot zone of Playa.

This is why I choose The Gallery Condos as my top pick for investment in 2017 of  Playa Del Carmen Condos. Other Playa Del Carmen experts agree and you can read an excellent, well researched article with great photos from Everythingplayadelcarmen here:

What are the Gallery Condos like in Playa Del Carmen?

If The Gallery Condos are not your style just across the street there is another condo development by GMB called The City which is almost completed. The attractive entry level price for these condos was $99,000 USD and included a Vespa Scooter to live the Playa lifestyle. I am not sure if any of these units are still available and at this time there are only a few units left of the 158 that were available for pre sale purchase.

We took a ride on our Playa beach cruiser bikes to check out the progress of The City Condos and were excited to see they are almost done. Read another great article from the team at Everythingplayadelcarmen here:

The City by Menesse-What is this new condo building like?

Don’t, like so many people who fail, miss out on the opportunity to have something for yourself and your family. For your future. These Playa Del Carmen condo developments represent the very best that Playa has to offer. A bright, sunny future for vacation, retirement or everyday living.




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