Low Cost Dental Care

Low cost dental in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen Low cost dental care is readily available from Mexico’s beautiful Playa del Carmen vacation paradise.  Playa del Carmen dentists offer world class care, at a very reasonable cost, yet many foreigners are still unaware of the fact.   The Playa del Carmen dentists are a very good […]

Low cost healthcare in Mexico – worth considering.

Low cost healthcare in Mexico is a reality, yet something many foreigners are still unaware of.   There are many good reasons to think about traveling or living in Mexico for medical treatment. Here are just a few: Mexican hospitals are excellent, modern and very well equipped.  67% of Mexico’s 4,466 hospitals are private, while […]

Mexican Tourism Hits All Time High 2017

While a lot of people back in the United States are focused on domestic issues like Immigration Reform, Mexican Tourism continues to boom in the Mayan Riviera. In fact, there was an increase of 308,274 passengers to Cancun Airport in January for 2017 vs. 2016 according to The Playa Times It is also very interesting […]

Living In Puerto Aventuras Condos

Today I asked one of my clients, who has been living in Puerto Aventuras for four years, what she liked the most about it. The first thing she said was she liked how safe and secure it is living there. She told me they take security seriously and even the taxi drivers are not allowed […]